6-Feb-2017 | Koh Yao Beach, Thailand

Completed the day tour kayaking Phang Nga Bay with Paddle Asia and am now at a little restaurant on the beach enjoying a beer after having checked into my room across the road.

Today’s single day tour was led by Mr. Bao, the same guide I had on last week’s four-day tour of Khao Sok. This evening, I’ll meet Mr. Run for dinner: he’ll be the guide for the four-day Phang Nga Bay tour (that turned out to be quite memorable meeting).

These Phang Nga Bay tours are very different from the Khao Sok tour in several respects. Mr. Bao warned me that there isn’t the wide variety of wildlife here in the bay as at the lake, and sightings aren’t as common. Still, I wasn’t disappointed today on that score: we saw a number of fish eagles* (I swear I heard one yell “D’oh!” when it came up empty-clawed after diving down the sea after some lucky prey), a really funky orange colored kingfisher (the ones spotted last week at the lake were brown or black), and several egrets.

*I just read that these are more accurately called brahminy kites and are also known as red-backed sea eagles in Australia. Mr. Bao calls them fish eagles, so that’s what I’ll continue to call them here, as well.

While Bao considers KS as better for wildlife, I have give PNB the win in the category of natural beauty, at least when it comes to kayak outings. If you’ve seen the pictures I took at KS, that is probably a surprise, but PNB’s seemingly innumerable karsts and the variety of ways in which they’ve been carved by erosion make for fascinating sightseeing, especially from the water.


Fruit bats in lagoon mangroves. 

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