Not going to be a long post: I’m too beat. But the day was pretty amazing and I got a number of good photos and video that I wanted to share before I crash. We kayaked 22 kilometers today, which is a little mind blowing. Have to think there will be no problems sleeping tonight.

Found that sea kayaking in open ocean over long distances isn’t quite as fun as the other kayaking I’ve done in the past, mostly in still water like lakes, bayous, and lagoons/ sounds. Much energy is expended just fighting the currents and wind, though it did force me to learn new paddling technique, which is a plus. But I was also a bit bored during the long 3- or 5-kilometer paddles between some islands when there’s not as much to look at except for your destination… which is pretty impressive, no doubt, but after a bit, I’d start thinking, “Jesus, I’ve been paddling like mad and I don’t appear to be any closer!”

I wondered at one point whether this was an instance of focusing too much on the destination and failing to appreciate the journey, but I quickly realized that’s far too zen for me, so quickly abandoned that line of thought.

Having said all that, once the various islands were reached, without fail the sights & sounds were as spectacular as most everything else in southern Thailand and worth the effort.


Cliffs facing the bay at Koh Hong island. Between these two cliffs lies the beach where our group enjoyed a picnic lunch.
Enormous cliff wall at lagoon within Koh Hong island. To appreciate how immense it is, note the others in my tour standing at its base.

Fruit bats in the lagoon mangroves on Koh Hong

Water monitor lizard

Koh Hong island lagoon
Narrow entrance into the lagoon at Koh Hong island. Large boats must wait for high tide to enter the lagoon, and once inside they must ensure they exit before the water gets too shallow. We saw two long boats that got stuck, forcing crews and passengers to disembark and push.

(Written from Koh Yao, Thailand | 7-Feb-2017)

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