I’ve spent much of my time in Perth so far just wandering somewhat aimlessly about town which has resulted in a surprising number of pics of street art. Most of the photos I’m posting here were encountered as part of a walking tour Monday morning.

What I learned on that tour is that Perth is the downtown Raleigh, North Carolina of Australia. Or perhaps the Indianapolis of AUS to those of you outside of the NC Triangle area. It was considered boring. After the workday, the central business district became a ghost town. But that’s been changing rapidly over the last 10 years thanks to efforts of the government (especially in terms of zoning & licensing regulations) working with small business entrepreneurs and artists.

On the art side of things, an arts development and advocacy non-profit called FORM has made great strides in bringing far more public art into the city, including street art, murals in particular. Their annual PUBLIC urban art festival has brought artists from across the world into Perth to work on pieces.

Unfortunately, I don’t have information on these pieces below (read: I’m not of a mind at the moment to do the necessary research to provide the sort of credit to the artists that is deserved).

(Perth, Australia | 14-Feb-2017)

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