Here’s a video of the scene I happened upon in Wynyard Park in Sydney CBD this evening of an Australian white ibis, a huge, cool, funky-looking bird that I could watch for hours, even when they’re not being unintentionally comical. In this case, however, we have an ibis that’s found a delicious roasted chicken meal that s/he just couldn’t quite figure out or get at. The video is only 30 seconds, but I watched this go on for nearly five minutes. Perhaps I’m just easily entertained.

FWIW, these birds are found seemingly everywhere here in Sydney. And though they’re not as common as seagulls or pigeons and definitely not anywhere as obnoxious as gulls (the gulls are out of control around the harbor here), they’re seen as the eastern Australian version of nonmigratory Canadian geese in the U.S. Interestingly, they’re not native to this area, but have come here in recent decades following extraordinary droughts and encroachment in the central areas: Ibis invasion (Australia Broadcasting Corporation Science article) and The ibis: a native bird misunderstood.


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