There was so much to love about Singapore when I was here back in January, and I found myself especially drawn to the unique architecture. It was explained by a bike tour guide there that the city sees these unusual designs as a sort of natural resource to draw attention and visitors since the tiny city-state has little in the way of natural resources of the traditional type. I believe I could spend at least a week doing nothing but walking aimlessly across the city to find, admire, and photograph these sorts of fascinating structures.

I was talking with a kayak guide in Tasmania last week about our shared interest in Singapore. He proudly claimed that most of the city’s unusual structures have been designed and built by architects and engineers from Perth, which is said to have an astounding number of such professionals and is home to several of the world’s leading architectural and structural engineering firms. I can’t verify that claim (I’m fresh off one international flight and 17 hours from my next such flight: three minutes of googling was all I had in me tonight) but it has a ring of truthiness to it, doesn’t it?

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