This most recent Habitat for Humanity build experience has been on my mind almost nonstop since I said my last goodbye, but it remains too fresh to process fully all of the thoughts and emotions. I will say, however, that for the last many days I’ve felt something has changed in terms of where I go and what I do with my life from here on out. Perhaps that’s a common feeling that comes from the euphoria many get from this sort of volunteer work that disappears after a time, but if I had to bet… well, let’s just see how this goes.

Since I want so badly to share some of the experiences of this build but have not yet really gathered my thoughts, I’m just going to post pictures of the people who keep popping into my mind. These are fellow volunteers, staff members from Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, local construction workers, the homeowners for whom we all came together, the homeowners’ family and neighbors, and a few random people I encountered around the city. It was an honor to work with and for all of them.

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