Idea I’ve taken up with very little thought: quick updates to a single post throughout the day. Probably a dumb idea. Probably a project I’ll quickly abandon or simply forget about. But I’ll get started and see how it goes.

  • Climbed into taxi from airport to hotel feeling in desperate need of a nap. But once we exited I-10 and got into the heart of the city, tiredness was increasingly replaced by excitement.
  • Hey, the North Rampart streetcar line has opened! I’ve only known N. Rampart as a godawful mess of construction. Turns out it looks pretty nice when it’s not a maze of fences and barricades and heavy construction equipment, and ditches.
  • Nobody at my hotel front desk, so I can’t drop my bag. Place looks nice though. 
  • Dragged my bag a few blocks down the street to enjoy a coffee and croissant at Envie Cafe, probably my 2nd favorite cafe here in the city. 
  • It’s surprisingly cool here. I approve.
  • Got checked into my room and slept 90 minutes, two cups of coffee not withstanding.
  • Hotel room amenities include two of these little guys, truly a sign that I’m in New Orleans
  • Little courtyard outside my room
  • Had to walk an entire three blocks before finding that first whiff of urine. Too damn much gentrifying going on in this city!
  • Just booked the Cocktails in New Orleans bike tour with one of my fave local NOLA companies for tomorrow morning! Woohoo!
  • Bon Bon Vivant is a good name for a New Orleans cabaret band
  • Made a sad-eyed, possibly inebriated new friend at MRB’s on St Phillip Street just now, though I must admit he seemed more interested in my leftover onion rings than in listening to my life story
  • You can always find the coolest cats hanging out at Louisiana Music Factory, but most especially around Fest

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